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(B.Sc., PT)

Education & Certification


BSc. Physiotherapy, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Hua Chiew Chalermprakiet University.


Certified Scoliosis Exercise for Physical Therapy Practice by Assoc. Prof. Dagmar Pavlu, Assoc. Professor on Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic).

Certified Medication Awareness for Physiotherapist.


Certified Body System and Body Compensation.

Certified Lumbar Degenerative Spine for Physiotherapist.

Ceritfied Clinical Effectiveness of Laser Therapy in Physical Therapist.


Certified Update Laser Therapy in Rehab Conditions.

Certified Function Therapy and correction technique in spinal dysfunction

Ceritifed FMT1 Fascial movement taping

Work & Experience


Physiotherapist, Kao-Kon-La-Kao (Pattani to Chiang Rai), Thailand .


Physiotherapist, Badminton Team of Omsin Bank.


Physiotherapist, Badminton Team of Bangkok Thonburi University.


Physiotherapist, Bangkok International Rugby Tens.


Physiotherpist, Bangkok Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand.

Field of interest

Musculoskeletal and sports injuries rehabilitation



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