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"Therapists have got many certifications and use new techniques to treat me. Treating with them, I'm confident.
Mr. Rangson / Ex-Thailand National Badminton Athlete

"Therapists explain me the root cause of pain and arrange a treatment plan to fit my availability and goal, Thank you for a great help"
Dr. Pawit / Dentist and Co-Pilot  

"I'd got pain on my knee from competitions, with excellent treatment, it feels awesome to get back to my normal activites and exercise routine"
Mr. Poom / Ex-Thailand Youth Badminton Athlete

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C960x639-ปวดคอ-ปวดหลัง-ออฟฟิศซินโดรม-คลินิกกายภาพบำบัดที่ไหนดี-office syndrome-work-คอบ่า�




"Fix the Cause and Return to Functional Movement"

At NEWTON EM, We aim to be a specialist of Physiotherapy Center in Bangkok by providing a professional treatment and service to everybody. 


Why NEWTON EM Physiotherapy?

1. We believe in body balance and functional movement, so we won't only focus on the pain area because the body muscle are connected by each others. Then, the assessment of whole body is necessary and it can lead to discover a root cause of pain.


2. Our therapists have been joining many certification courses both in Thailand and aboard. Which leads to using an updated technique to treat patients in order for gaining an optimal outcome.


3. It can't refuse that an experience of therapists is essential to early diagnosis and treatment, At Newton EM Physiotherpy, the therapists have a lot of experiences to heal athletes in various sports, namely, marathon, football, rugby, badminton, and triathlon. Different kind of sports and physiology of athletes, the injuries are more complicated because each muscles of body are used in dissimilar; nevertheless, with high experience of our therapists, all athleths will be treated in the right direction and reduced of repeated injuries.


4. We relise that everyone is different and people want to get better in the shortest period of time. We promise that we won't do any continue treatments that is ineffective and we don't use a specific treatment plan that have you scheduled to come in two or three times a week for life. We'll bear in mind about conditions you have and match the treatment schedule to you own goal, as well as your preference and availability.


I trust in NEWTON EM

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